Simon Welander

Founder and Consultant

Cirrus Blue’s principal consultant is Simon Welander, an IT professional since 1984 who has provided and managed IT Infrastructure, IT Support and Web design projects and operations for companies from SMEs to PLCs across many industry sectors.

With such broad experience in many types of IT systems and across many industries, we can find solutions that fit your needs from all the choices available. We also work in collaboration with other local IT support companies so maintain exposure to the latest infrastructure at over 100 client sites.

When supporting our client’s IT infrastructure, we aim to install and support technology that fits your needs, while ensuring that the client understands what they have via clear explanations and written documentation.

The Cirrus Blue web design philosophy is very simple: to create websites that present the central message as simply and effectively as possible and focus on usability to attract and retain visitors.

One of our key strengths and objectives is to explain how IT works in your context and to give you the ownership of your IT.